What is the cost of 3D pens?

cost of 3D pens

Gone are the days when 3D art was solely a reserve for large corporations. No average person would have a 3D printer in his living room. Times have however changed and 3D printing tools are growing more affordable with every dawn of a new day.

Even more affordable are the 3D pens which have since infiltrated the market. You may want to have a look at the best in the market as detailed in this piece by Rabbit Reviews

What is the cost of 3D pens?

A random search on Amazon yields the following results:

  • SCRIB3D P1 3D printing pen with display – $29
  • MYNT3D professional printing 3D pen with OLED display – $ 59
  • SCRIB3D advanced 3D printing pen with display – $49
  • 3Doodler Create+ 3D printing pen – $78
  • 3Doodler Start Essentials 3D pen set for kids – $ 48
  • Tech 4 Kids 3D Magic Imagi Pen – $19
  • Wacom Pro Pen 3D – $83
  • MYNT3D Junior 3D pen for kids – $34

In a very general sense, you can get a high end 3D pen with less than $ 100. Still, with less than 50 bucks, you can get yourself a good quality budget-friendly 3D pen. On the extreme end, you can still get a 3D pen with less than 20 bucks. Remember to factor in the costs of the filament and 3D pen mats. 

Are 3D pens worth it?

Having tasted the benefits of using 3D pens, I personally wouldn’t take a second thought if I were asked to rethink my investment decision.  Nowadays, I literally think in 3D. If I have to illustrate some object or concept, I do it in 3D. And that’s the beauty of 3D pens. 

They quickly breathe life into an otherwise boring class or brainstorming session. I guess people are so used to ink on paper that it no longer strikes a chord. Try 3D and you will likewise confess that 3D pens are worth it.  

What is the cheapest 3D pen?

I recently spotted a 3D pen by the name Dewang going for 3.83 USD. Quite incredible! Another one named Lihuachen retails for about 15 bucks. Of course, these are Chinese made – you might have guessed. And I’ve come to conclude that there is no price limit below which a product can’t be priced. You would be surprised to find other brands priced at less than $3 – who knows! But it all depends on what you are looking for in the 3D pen. My favorite is the 3Doodler Create+ which cost me about 80 bucks. I’m simply a fan of reputable brands. It naturally gives me the confidence that I can never go wrong.

What is the best 3D pen for adults?

In this category, I proudly propose the AIO Printing Pen. Its most outstanding feature is the 5-speed setting – which adequately brings out the artist in you. One downside with this pen is the fact that you can only use PLA filaments. But that is no big deal given the versatility of PLA filaments. Spare some 60 or so bucks and enjoy its marvelous features.

What’s the difference between ABS and PLA filament types for 3D pens?

the difference between ABS and PLA filament types for 3D pens

Likechoosing Trump or Biden, multitudes of people are still divided on which filament is best for the job. And the push and pull is not yet about to end. That is because of the different personalities of different people. 

For instance, my sole preference is the PLA filament. ABS could still serve well in my art endeavours, but I never use it. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that you only use ABS – nothing wrong about that. But in case you’re still hanging on the fence, I hope this brief discussion will open your eyes.

For a detailed sight into the best 3D pens in the market, read this piece on Reviews Rabbit.  

What’s the difference between ABS and PLA filament types for 3D pens

The ABS and PLA are the two most popular filaments for use with 3d pens. Of course, there are other filament materials – but we can reserve that for another day.

ABS is an abbreviation for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene – you don’t have to remember that at all. What you need to understand is that it is an oil-based thermoplastic. This is the same material used in vehicles, and toys such as the popular LEGO. 

One distinct feature with ABS is the odour it lets off as it melts. It melts at around 225 – 2500 C. You therefore want to avoid it if you are allergic to such smells. On the positive side, ABS filaments yield objects with higher strength, durability, and flexibility than those created using PLA filaments. 

PLA is the short for Polylactic Acid. This is a biodegradable thermoplastic. It is largely plant based, with the chief ingredients coming from sugarcane, soy beans, and cornstarch. You will mostly find it in plastic cups and food packaging. 

PLA requires a slightly lower temperature to melt than the ABS – i.e about 180 – 2200 C. And its melting does not release unpleasant smells. Indeed, if you are sensitive enough, you can recognize some trace smell of honey.

What is better for 3D printing, PLA or ABS?

In regards to printing, the odorless nature of PLA makes it more child-friendly. Additionally, it is highly cohesive and thus can be used on surfaces such as metal, glass, and ceramic. Its low melting temperature supports a smooth flow of the molten plastic out of the nozzle. In other words, it becomes easy to draw with PLA filaments.

On the negative side, the low melting point of PLA makes the created objects vulnerable to heat degradation. Worse still, the objects start biodegrading within a year. It is therefore not suitable for objects set to last several years. 

ABS objects are harder than PLA objects. Also, they feature a somewhat glossy surface. ABS is resistant to several harsh chemicals. However, it easily dissolves in acetone – a property which can be advantageously used to glue different ABS parts together. 

Does PLA stick to ABS?

Sure, it does. As discussed above, PLA sticks to pretty any material. You can comfortably glue together PLA and ABS objects.

How strong is 3D pen filament?

To be exact, the tensile strength of ABS filament is around 47.7 MPa, while that of PLA is about 64.4 MPa. This implies that PLA has higher tensile strength than ABS – meaning you can considerably stretch PLA objects before snapping them. 

What is the strongest 3D filament?

Aside from ABS and PLA, the strongest 3D filament is the polycarbonate – not very popular but it is the king. Polycarbonate melts at 2900 C. this is way higher than the melting points of both ABS and PLA.

What does rabbit taste like?

For quite some time up to last year, I’d been bringing home squirrels for my wife and kids to enjoy. After all, it’s pretty plentiful in my locality. Occasionally, we couldn’t miss the likes of quail and deer either.

What does rabbit taste

But somehow we never succeeded in hunting any rabbit for 3 or so years. Our youngest kid could never stop nagging us, “What does rabbit taste like?” I soon relented and made a resolve to get him some wild rabbit.

Choosing the rabbit hunting air rifle

I really wanted the experience to be wholesome – i.e. go through the entire process of choosing the best air rifle for rabbit hunting, do some research on how best to hunt rabbits, skin and prepare the meat. 

And so my first stop was Air Gun Maniac’s piece titled “The Bunny Buster: Best Air Rifle for rabbits.” Out of the 10 air rifles listed, I further shortlisted 5 that matched my personality without compromising on my budget. These were:

  1. Air Arms S410
  2. Benjamin discovery air rifle
  3. Airforce Talon PCP air rifle
  4. Diana Stormrider multi-shot PCP air rifle
  5. Hatsan 135 QE Vortex air rifle. 

What does rabbit taste

After weighing all options, we settled for the Diana Stormrider multi-shot PCP air rifle. Here are some of the features that influenced our choice:

  • That well built German beech stock – I like beauty
  • Additionally, the stock is ambidextrous – my left-handed wife would not feel left out.
  • A weight of 5.0 lbs, is light enough for any of my kids to carry
  • A maximum muzzle velocity of 900 fps would allow us to shoot from a reasonable distance from the target
  • A loudness rating of 2 is quiet enough not to scare away rabbits.
  • An average muzzle energy of 20 FPE for the .177 caliber is enough to humanely eliminate the rabbits.
  • Test results had proved that my favorite 10.65-grain H & N Baracuda Match pellets consistently yielded muzzle energy of 18.6 FPE

Knowing the rabbit hunting basics

To increase the chances of locating and hunting down the rabbits, we dug up some invaluable tips from the interweb and summarized them as follows:

  • Instead of concentrating on large farms where the majority of hunters are, consider abandoned public hunting areas, overgrown hedges, fallow land, brushy ditches, and smaller farms.
  • Rabbits are fond of hiding, so it’s wise to search around old barns and sheds, out-of-order machinery, and deserted property
  • Rabbits have the habit of sunbathing especially after cold periods – and so it’s wise to look out the sunny patches
  • Rabbits are both matutinal and crepuscular – meaning they are most active in the morning and evening
  • To prevent the rabbits from selling you hundreds of yards away, it is best to work into the wind.

rabbit hunting basics

The hunt

With these tips at our fingertips, we set out to hunt around 3 p.m. I don’t like dawn hunting because of the chilly weather and dew all over the place. 

Remaining as honest as possible to the research, our first stop was a vacated mega property. It looked like a 10-or-so-bedroom house. All around it were overgrown bushes – looked quite scary.

Honestly, the place didn’t seem to have any sign of life, but we chose to hang around longer than planned, just to be sure we weren’t leaving behind any game.

Then out of the blues, lo and behold! 5 giant wild rabbits emerged out of the bushes – chasing each other as their norm is. Without hesitation, and with my Diana Stormrider already loaded, I simply waited for the first brief pause in the chase.

Boom! The first shot hit the front leg of one gray rabbit and immobilized it. I quickly fired two more shots to prevent the rabbit from running away wounded. And that was it. You could imagine the joy on my wife and kids’ faces.

What does rabbit taste like?

rabbit taste

When the sumptuous meal was served, my curious kid at once equated it to chicken meat, which I definitely agreed with. But I admit it had less flavour than chicken. It took almost the same time as chicken to get well cooked. And needles to say, we prepared it similarly to chicken.

As the rabbit we shot was well grown, the meat was not that tender and soft. Overall, it was satiating enough and worth the hunt.

5 amazing advantages of a camping trip

amazing advantages of a camping trip

Camping is a great way for us to integrate into nature and improve many skills in life.

Here are 5 great benefits of camping:

1. Camping helps you improve your problem-solving ability

Sometimes, camping and outdoor activities present challenges that you cannot solve daily, but through where to camp, how to set up a tent, or how to cope with situations when You are not equipped with many tools for the camping trip, which will help you improve the ability to solve problems that occur in your life.

Moreover, camping also helps you to have new experiences and those experiences will help you to be more confident in life.

2. Good camping for educating children

Most parents know that camping takes children to a whole new natural world and requires them to have more skills to overcome new challenges. For example, if it rains when camping, exposure to a range of different challenges not only keeps a child’s brain healthy but also increases their chances of learning. Therefore, many parents believe camping has a positive impact on the education of children.

3. Camping helps you sleep better

Middle-aged and older people often have trouble sleeping at night. Therefore, another important reason is that camping is good for everyone. If you’re sleep-deprived and have trouble sleeping, camping can reset your body clock and help you sleep better, waking up early in the morning.

Normally we use artificial light in our daily life but the fact that camping can help us adjust to the natural light and dark cycle. For a long time, adequate sleep has been considered an important factor for human health, and camping helps family members minimize fatigue and grit.

4. Camping will help you increase your exercise

If your daily routine is just going back and forth in an office or at home taking care of young children, chances are your exercise opportunities are limited. What is your solution? Go camping. Because while camping, you will be able to explore new lands. In addition, you can climb or wander through a primeval forest.

Spending just 15 minutes walking on the occasion of camping together will give you countless physical and mental benefits, including fighting illness, improving your mood, and fueling yourself.

5. Camping makes you happier

This is completely true because camping for a long time will easily improve your mood. A study shows that serotonin is a great chemical that makes us happy, and the key factor that helps the body make serotonin is sunlight, thereby helping you absorb more oxygen and physical activity. The substance also increased. When camping, being exposed to sunlight will help your body produce serotonin to increase happiness. At the same time, when you go camping, you have time to watch the sunset and watch the stars rise, these inspiring moments will make you happier and more creative.


So what else do you hesitate? Let’s plan a family camping trip this weekend. But first, I have some useful information for you. The following articles will help you have a perfect camping trip:

Top 5 longboard tricks

Top 5 longboarding tricks


all right what is going on you guys

today I’m going to be telling my top five favorite longboard tricks by the time

this post will be in New York but anyways we’re just going to get right into it

we’re gonna start out with my fifth favorite trick which is a frontside 180 Tiger Claw

I really like this trick because I love Tiger claws and just doing it with the 180 makes it ten times better turning your body with the board while it does a 360 like spin

I don’t know it’s just blending it feels really great

my fourth favorite longboard trick is a ghost ride

I think ghost rides just look amazing in lines and they look very like fluent and smooth and it overall just feels great to do

my third favorite tricks on a longboard but definitely be a fakie no comply backspin because mainly because I love fakie big spins on a skateboard having a note compliant in

it like putting your foot down and having the board do three like a 360 shuvit just

it’s a great trick I love Vicky big spin know complies moving on to

second favorite trick, this would be a backside Tiger Claw going back to the Tiger claws that I mentioned

in the beginning, I’m a person who loves tight claws and backside Tiger claws with the first like Tiger claws I’ve ever learned and to this day there’s still my favorite

finally, my number one favorite trick is they no comply 1:8 in my opinion

I believe this is the most common probably, most popular trick in longboarding

I just absolutely love the motion and the whole process behind the trick

you know planning your foot down and having the board swing around you jumping on

it’s like great and so much fun

all right you guys so that is it for this post

that’s my top 5 favorite longboard tricks

thank you so much for reading and have a good day you

Seemore: Atom Drop Through longboard – longboard for beginners and more

further reading: https://www.zumiez.com/skate/longboards.html


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