The question “What size longboard should I get?” will be addressed in this article. If you like to skateboard or longboard, you should know that picking the right size for your longboard or skateboard is critical. The important thing to remember is that the size should allow you to stand comfortably on your feet. We’ll go over this in detail throughout the article and provide you with some helpful hints!

What Exactly We Mean By Size Of A Longboard?

Longboard size refers to the size of a ride’s deck, which is critical because it is where your footing maintains balance. Longboard size is normally measured in both width and length, so when you’re ready to buy one, double-check the measurements in both directions to ensure the board fits you perfectly. The short boards range in length from 29 to 34 inches, while the long boards begin at 50 inches and increase in length. A board’s narrowness ranges from 6 to 8.5 inches, and its width ranges from 8.5 to 11 inches. The width of most of the decks ranges from 7′′ to 10′′, which is sufficient for the majority of riders. To make it easier for our readers to understand, we’ve put general principles in bullets.

Micro Deck Longboards have a width of 6.5′′ to 6.75′′ and a length of 27.2′′ to 27.6′′. This size deck is ideal for skaters who are five years old or younger, under 3’5′′ tall, and wear a size three or smaller shoe.

The Mini Deck Longboard has a width of 7.0 inches and a length of 28 inches. This size deck is ideal for skaters aged 6 to 8, standing between 3’5′′ and 4’4′′ tall and wearing size 4-6 shoes.

Longboard has a width of 7.3 inches and a length of 29 inches. This size deck is ideal for skaters aged 9 to 12, who stand 4’5′′ to 5’2′′ tall and wear size 7-8 shoes.

All skaters over the age of 13 who are taller than 5’3′′ and have a shoe size of 9 and more should use a full-size deck longboard with a width of 7.5′′ or greater.

Is Length More Important Or Width?

Some individuals disagree, but while purchasing a longboard, it’s important to consider both length and width. It’s the same as when you’re buying a shirt: you measure the collar size, the length, and the width. Similarly, you must select a longboard deck that is both wide and long enough for your feet to fit comfortably while you stand on it. Both length and width are significant because they perform separate but equally important functions!

Choosing The Right Size Longboard – An Overview

A longboard of the proper size allows you to perform your tricks and maneuvers with ease and comfort. The right size controls your speed, and it determines the capabilities of a board too. The following points will help you better grasp the significance of longboard size.

A 46-inch deck is an excellent choice for extra stability on downward sloping terrain. On level terrain, a 40-inch deck gives the optimum navigation. So you want to take a relaxing longboard ride to a college campus? This one suits you.

Surf, surf, and more surf. People are really interested in those tactics. If you want to learn how to surf, go for a 60-inch deck. A deck that is 8-9 inches wide might be used to reduce wind resistance.

The trucks you choose must be the same width as the deck, and aluminum or stainless steel trucks are the finest options. Adding 58 mm wheels to your longboard can help it accelerate faster. Whereas, for improved grip during turns 65 mm wheels are good to go. Remember these useful information when choosing a longboard they can come in handy for you!

Size and Style

You guessed it correctly. The riding style has a direct bearing on the style to be chosen. We’ll go through each one individually so you can gain a better understanding of the topic!


28-46 inches in length

If all you need to do is glide down to Slope Street or through your campus, a 28-46 inch longboard is ideal for providing the stability and comfort you require. Cruisers are utilized to get around town and are, in my opinion, one of the most stylish modes of transportation.


36 inches and up in length

When you want to bomb hills as fast as you can without losing control, you’ll need a longboard that’s 36 inches or longer. It gives you the strength you need for such a sport while also keeping you safe. Downhill skiing is not for the faint of heart.


38–42 inches in length

Because freeride is a type of ride that includes slides and curbs, as well as riding hills, it necessitates a more stable board. Your ride will be more stable if you keep it between 38 and 42 inches.


There are no constraints or requirements in freestyle. Choose any size and form that makes you feel good. It is heavily reliant on your imagination.

Choosing The Right Size Of A Longboard – Tips To Consider

It’s crucial to figure out what kind of rider you are and what your riding style is, because your riding style is what defines who you are. If you prefer a smooth ride and want to feel calm and comfortable, a long-sized longboard is the way to go. Choose a little shorter one if you want more speed and control.

Smaller people are usually more at ease on shorter longboards, while taller people should opt for mid-sized to bigger longboards.

Keep in mind that you should choose the board’s size based on your ability to carry it about at any time. So, if you’re going to be on the road a lot and your longboard will be with you, the smaller and lighter the better.

Beginners should stick to mid-size boards since they provide a safe, steady, and controlled ride.



Choosing the best and most appropriate longboard size is a lengthy, difficult, and at times unpleasant process. However, if you understand the significance of size, making a decision is simple. One thing to keep in mind is that everyone is different, and the size of a longboard will differ from one person to the next. Your choice of longboard size will be influenced not just by personal preference, but also by your riding style. Make an informed decision!

How to clean a skateboard deck

How to clean a skateboard deck correctly?

Do you want to skate on a dirty longboard? Do you want to keep an old thing by your sides for a long period of time? Well, the answer may be no or never. That is the reason why we are here to teach you how to properly clean your favorite skateboard desk. Then, you can both save money and effort that should be spent learning new tricks you want.

Cleaning the skateboard deck using a soft wire brush

  • Step 1: Having a soft wire brush

When choosing a wire brush for cleaning your skateboard deck, you have to make sure that its bristles are soft and sturdy enough to tear the grip tape as smoothly as possible. It also needs to be small to bring the highest precision during your cleanup.

  • Step 2: Cleaning the grip tape

You should start cleaning at the end of the skateboard deck before moving to the other sides. Sweep the dirt at every part carefully with your hands. Remember not to push hard on your deck, or else, you will ruin it.

  • Step 3: Using Grip Gum to clean the Excess Dirt

Now, go to your local skate stores and buy some grip gum for the explicit of the skateboards. After brushing with a soft wire brush, your board may contain some excess dirt. In order to remove them, it’s great to use the grip gum. Wiping out section by section and you will see a brand-new longboard right after that.

Cleaning the skateboard deck using common products at your house


In case you do not want to throw money on cleaning stuff, here is the best option for you. You just need to look around your house, try to find a soft wire brush/ firm toothbrush, a bowl, a dry cloth, soap and water.

  • Step 1: Mixing water and soap together and pour into a bowl

Choose a medium-sized bowl to hold the soap and tap water. Instead of submerging your longboard in the water, put it aside and add some lemon into the mixture to create a clean smell for your deck.

  • Step 2: Dipping the available brush to scrub the skateboard desk

At the end of your skateboard deck, dip the brush and start to scrub. Pay attention to the messier parts and spend more time on them. Do not let your board contact with the water because this will ruin the ability to pop or snap off the skateboard. In worse cases, it will be warped and soggy forever. And of course, do not use too much force while cleaning.

  • Step 3: Using a dry cloth to dry the product

Once your cleaning is done, you should use a microfiber cloth to dry the longboard. First, put the cloth on the surface of the deck, pat it until the water is gone. Next, dry the wooden area at the bottom and set your skateboard aside in a clean and open place. Wait for at least 3 hours before starting to ride again.

Cleaning a skateboard deck is not difficult. We hope that you have learned some useful tips. Just follow them and you can lengthen the life of your skateboard.

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How to push on a skateboard

How to push on a skateboard easy for beginners

The sport of skateboarding has a street style. For those who are new to any sport for the first time, there will be difficulties of their own. Pushing the skateboard also requires new skills to be able to do it. So you have to learn how to push on a skateboard and practice the necessary skills. The information shared below will be very useful for beginners to skateboarding.

Step by step instructions in how to push on a skateboard

Many people think that pushing a skateboard is very simple. But when they did, they were disappointed because it was not as expected. Use the following steps to acquire the necessary skills:

  • Step 1: Locate the position of the foot

The position of the legs is very important before knowing how to push the skateboard. The exact position determines the easy play. It will depend on the player’s posture. You have to consider whether you are right-footed or left-footed.

Whichever foot is right, put that foot on the skateboard. The other foot will be placed behind and ground to gain momentum. The dominant foot will be placed on the skateboard to go, the other foot will be placed behind to act as balance and push for the skateboard to move.

  • Step 2: Start moving with a small push

For beginners, it should be done slowly. Start with short push-ups first. Use your back foot to push one step at a time. Then put your feet on the skateboard. Keep doing this to get used to the skateboarding position.

  • Step 3: Reposition your feet again

The most important thing after pushing the skateboard is to put your feet back on the deck. It is therefore essential to reposition the foot. Put your back foot on the deck, front foot step forward into a sports position.

  • Step 4: Push the skateboard one more time

Once you’ve made a successful push, keep going. Push until you are proficient and can balance your body well when pushing the skateboard. Practice by pushing the skateboard in small steps.

  • Step 5: Increase push speed

This is the final step for you to complete the skateboard push in how to push on a skateboard. When you feel proficient, keep your balance in the first steps, then increase the speed. Sometimes you will fall, but that’s just what anyone who is just starting out has to go through.

After completing these 5 steps you will know how to push on a skateboard easily.

How to keep balance when starting to push the skateboard

Beginners should have the support of friends. That way you can keep your balance and practice. Let your friend hold your hand and push you to take the first steps. You can also ask them to push from behind.

Finding a small slope and sliding from the top is also an effective way. You just need to push a light to be able to go on the skateboard for a long distance. Once you get used to it, you can push the skateboard anywhere.

A wall step also aids you in balancing. Find a convenient position and then lean against the wall with your hand to get the desired result.


How to keep balance when starting to push the skateboard

Beginners should have the support of friends. That way you can keep your balance and practice. Let your friend hold your hand and push you to take the first steps. You can also ask them to push from behind.

Finding a small slope and sliding from the top is also an effective way. You just need to push a light to be able to go on the skateboard for a long distance. Once you get used to it, you can push the skateboard anywhere.

A wall step also aids you in balancing. Find a convenient position and then lean against the wall with your hand to get the desired result.


Top 5 longboard tricks


all right what is going on you guys

today I’m going to be telling my top five favorite longboard tricks by the time

this post will be in New York but anyways we’re just going to get right into it

we’re gonna start out with my fifth favorite trick which is a frontside 180 Tiger Claw


I really like this trick because I love Tiger claws and just doing it with the 180 makes it ten times better turning your body with the board while it does a 360 like spin

I don’t know it’s just blending it feels really great

my fourth favorite longboard trick is a ghost ride


I think ghost rides just look amazing in lines and they look very like fluent and smooth and it overall just feels great to do

my third favorite tricks on a longboard but definitely be a fakie no comply backspin because mainly because I love fakie big spins on a skateboard having a note compliant in

it like putting your foot down and having the board do three like a 360 shuvit just

it’s a great trick I love Vicky big spin know complies moving on to

second favorite trick, this would be a backside Tiger Claw going back to the Tiger claws that I mentioned

in the beginning, I’m a person who loves tight claws and backside Tiger claws with the first like Tiger claws I’ve ever learned and to this day there’s still my favorite

finally, my number one favorite trick is they no comply 1:8 in my opinion

I believe this is the most common probably, most popular trick in longboarding

I just absolutely love the motion and the whole process behind the trick

you know planning your foot down and having the board swing around you jumping on

it’s like great and so much fun


all right you guys so that is it for this post

that’s my top 5 favorite longboard tricks

thank you so much for reading and have a good day you

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