How to clean a skateboard deck

How to clean a skateboard deck correctly?

Do you want to skate on a dirty longboard? Do you want to keep an old thing by your sides for a long period of time? Well, the answer may be no or never. That is the reason why we are here to teach you how to properly clean your favorite skateboard desk. Then, you can both save money and effort that should be spent learning new tricks you want.

Cleaning the skateboard deck using a soft wire brush

  • Step 1: Having a soft wire brush

When choosing a wire brush for cleaning your skateboard deck, you have to make sure that its bristles are soft and sturdy enough to tear the grip tape as smoothly as possible. It also needs to be small to bring the highest precision during your cleanup.

  • Step 2: Cleaning the grip tape

You should start cleaning at the end of the skateboard deck before moving to the other sides. Sweep the dirt at every part carefully with your hands. Remember not to push hard on your deck, or else, you will ruin it.

  • Step 3: Using Grip Gum to clean the Excess Dirt

Now, go to your local skate stores and buy some grip gum for the explicit of the skateboards. After brushing with a soft wire brush, your board may contain some excess dirt. In order to remove them, it’s great to use the grip gum. Wiping out section by section and you will see a brand-new longboard right after that.

Cleaning the skateboard deck using common products at your house


In case you do not want to throw money on cleaning stuff, here is the best option for you. You just need to look around your house, try to find a soft wire brush/ firm toothbrush, a bowl, a dry cloth, soap and water.

  • Step 1: Mixing water and soap together and pour into a bowl

Choose a medium-sized bowl to hold the soap and tap water. Instead of submerging your longboard in the water, put it aside and add some lemon into the mixture to create a clean smell for your deck.

  • Step 2: Dipping the available brush to scrub the skateboard desk

At the end of your skateboard deck, dip the brush and start to scrub. Pay attention to the messier parts and spend more time on them. Do not let your board contact with the water because this will ruin the ability to pop or snap off the skateboard. In worse cases, it will be warped and soggy forever. And of course, do not use too much force while cleaning.

  • Step 3: Using a dry cloth to dry the product

Once your cleaning is done, you should use a microfiber cloth to dry the longboard. First, put the cloth on the surface of the deck, pat it until the water is gone. Next, dry the wooden area at the bottom and set your skateboard aside in a clean and open place. Wait for at least 3 hours before starting to ride again.

Cleaning a skateboard deck is not difficult. We hope that you have learned some useful tips. Just follow them and you can lengthen the life of your skateboard.

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